Weight Management


Eat well, move your body, be FIT!

With Weight Management Coaching, we will work with your body and lifestyle to implement eating habits that nourish, support and energize you every day.

Fitness doesn’t happen without proper nutrition. A healthy relationship with food includes not only what you eat but when and how. Understanding the essential role of nutrient-rich foods and the basics of how your body utilizes proteins, carbohydrates and fats will empower you to achieve your health and fitness goals for the rest of your life!

Brittany Pruess


Personal Weight Management Coach

Email: brittanypruess@gmail.com

Phone: 605-484-4417


As your weight management coach, I embrace the concept of wholesome eating. When you choose the best food options that have been gifted to this Earth, you are setting yourself up for a rewarding experience in the kitchen and in your journey to a healthier you! I am here to help you filter through food options, ingredient lists, and recipes, in order to ensure your experience with food is an exciting and impactful one! Here is to the foodie in you and your journey to discovering a more wholesome way of eating!

Smart Start UP Program

What makes this program unique?

  • 30 minute weekly private sessions with weigh-in
  • Personalized goal setting and monitoring of your progress
  • FOODITUDE! Becoming “friends with your food”
  • Customized grocery shopping for a healthy kitchen
  • Nutrition basics and how food “works” in your body
  • Empowered eating choices, recipes and menu planning to fit your lifestyle
  • Consistent support to promote accountability

We clean GREEN!We Clean GREEN!

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