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With over 20 years of experience, my passion is to motivate, educate, and inspire my clients during their personal training sessions, as well as in their everyday lives. The key to improving one’s health and fitness is to start from the inside out, and to make achievable goals along the way. I believe that by defining their commitment to becoming a healthy and balanced individual, their true inner strength will be discovered.

My philosophy on personal training is every client must be treated as an individual, therefore; their workouts should be uniquely tailored for their individual needs and interest.

Carol White

Personal Fitness Specialist~Owner



We’re proud of you Mary!

“After two years of a very sedate life style (complications of orthopedic nature) I signed up with Carol White’s Personal Fitness Studio. My goal was to become as strong as I could at age 72. My first work out was a disaster! Carol encourages me on all levels. My progress is awesome, I feel strong and capable, my joints hurt less, am flexible and I feel strong. Best of all, enjoy working out with Carol and on my own, in her well equipped, clean and friendly studio. Thank you Carol!”
Mary B.


We’re glad to have you in our family, Tammy!

When I drove past Carol White’s Studio I was looking for something but I wasn’t real sure what that was. Calling Carol was the best decision I ever made for myself. And eventually for my family. What I found was a group of gals who have taught me a total FIT way of living. I didn’t feel extremely overweight but I wasn’t healthy either, physically or emotionally. This is a place I go for myself – for peace of mind and body. The people who come here are amazing and real. Carol, Tanya and Nan are always available to guide me. Carol’s Studio isn’t just about being physically fit but being in a better emotional and physical state. For me it’s TOTAL FIT and here I fit. Today I’ve lost 21.6 pounds and 17 1/2″. That is just a bonus! Thank you Carol, Tanya and Nan for making me a part of your family!

We’re always looking for the right person to join our team! If you are interested in being a Personal Trainer with us, please contact us!

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