Keeping Fit in the Winter

Winter can be a very gloomy and tiresome time of the year. Most people feel the need to hibernate, while others put off activities and procrastinate heavily. For those who exercise, winter can be a season of dread.
→However, there are many ways to stay motivated when it comes to exercising in the winter months. Find something heavy, warm and comfortable to get you through those chilly months.
→Work out during the lighter hours. You won’t want to go running when the sun goes down. Most people will find the sunlight naturally keeps them motivated. Find a time that works for you, and stick to it.
→Join a fitness studio or a workout class. You may not want to go outdoors during the cold months. This is the perfect opportunity for you to find a new type of fitness regime, such as a personal training, yoga, Pilates, kickboxing or a dance class.
→Find friends to work out with. What better way to get your mind off the cold weather than to work out with a friend or a group f people you get along with? The more the merrier, after all.
→Always keep the long-term benefits on your mind. After winter comes spring and summer. You’ll have a new body and renewed energy, and you can look forward to buying a new wardrobe in a new size (smaller) for the warmer weather to come. Keep in the back of your mind and it will be one of the most powerful thoughts to keep you motivated.
→Try new winter sports. Whether it is skiing, snowshoeing, hiking or ice skating, thin of the fun you can experience with friends and family – remember the child in you. We live in a beautiful state – enjoy all that it has to offer in every season. “Daily adjustment means daily growth!”