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booty_logoBooty Bustin’ Bridal Bootcamp Program

You are counting down the days to one of the most important moments of your life. Of course you want to look your best. Even more important is to feel your best. Our three month intensive program is designed to boost your self confidence and bring out the bodacious-bridal-body you have always dreamed about. The bootcamp is not a typical gym routine or fad diet. It is highly personalized and realistic. To begin, we review your fitness history and routines, discuss your vision of yourself on your wedding day, and even design a personal program that includes:

  • Personal fitness training with Carol White
  • Personal weight management guidance
  • Your choice of massage or Yoga FIT
  • Personal dress fitting critique
  • Body analysis and personal goal setting

In just 12 weeks, we will bust that booty, and get you FIT to be wed!



Shape UP Program

Imagine, just 12 weeks from now becoming the new you you’ve always wanted to be!

Experience has taught me while everyone can attain the fitness they desire, sometimes success needs a partner. The Shape UP Program is an elite, intensive three month program that can tighten, tone, and whip you into the best shape of your life while laughing, talking and having more fun and energy then you ever imagined!

Whats unique about the Shape UP Program?

The Shape UP Program incorporates four essential components that no other program offers:

  • Personal fitness training and body analysis
  • Personal nutritional, health awareness and grocery shopping guidance
  • Your choice of massage or Yoga FIT
  • Cardiovascular interval training & calisthenic conditioning

The Shape UP Program is custom-tailored to support, motivate and encourage you to achieve your best results. I know you have the power to make dramatic changes happen, not just with your body, but with anything you set your mind to do!



Mixin’ & Movin’ UP Program

Your Health – Your Life – Your Way.

Get Motivated & Get Movin’!

What makes the Mixin’ & Movin’ UP Program unique – VARIETY! Our eight-week program incorporates all of the following:

  • Strength conditioning and stretching with Carol White
  • Cardiovascular-interval training with Carol White
  • Calisthenics & agility training with Carol White
  • Abdominal & oblique work with Carol White
  • Nutritional awareness
  • Personalized grocery shopping excursion
  • Your choice of massage or Yoga FIT
  • Monthly body analysis & weekly weigh-ins
  • Consistent support & motivation

Work UP to a Healthier You!!



Carol White’s Belly Bustin’ Bootcamp Program

Frustrated by stubborn belly fat that doesn’t seem to go away?

Remember your “Battle with the Bulge” did not happen overnight. Carol White’s Belly Bustin’ Bootcamp will help you learn proper nutrition and exercises to build a strong foundation for fitness to last a lifetime. This 4-week program is designed specifically to target belly fat and help you lose inches from your mid-section to reveal the sexy abs you desire and deserve!!!

  • Discover the smart way to exercise that continues burning belly fat even AFTER your workout
  • Belly Bustin’ grocery shopping to help you choose the right foods to eat as you embark on your tummy flattening journey
  • Discover foods and drinks you should AVOID if you want a trim belly
  • The best Belly Bustin’ moves to shape and sculpt your way to FAB ABS



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