Golden FIT

Our Golden FIT Program is designed for distinguished adults wanting to live an active, healthy lifestyle after retirement!

As we gracefully grow older, fitness takes on a new dimension. Our nutritional needs change, the ability to recover from illness, build and retain muscle and heart health all become more important. This is the Golden FIT time of life! That’s why Carol White recommends that adults do some form of exercise at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week.


Dr. Steve Bailey has been a client of mine for over 20 years.


Carol White’s Fitness Studio and the personal training provided by Carol have been instrumental in maintaining my physical and mental health for over 20 years, especially after retiring four years ago.  When I cannot go to the studio, such as when out of town, I soon miss the beneficial effects of regular workouts and instruction.

Exercise and physical activity is important for everyone, no matter what age . There are four main types, incorporating them into your fitness regime will in turn increase your overall health and well being.

  • Endurance and aerobic activities increase your breathing, as well as your heart rate.

  • Strength training exercises enhance your muscle tone while achieving strength in every day activities.

  • Balance and core exercises build muscle to prevent falls, which in turn may prevent injury.

  • Flexibility exercises stretch your muscles and can assist your body in staying limber.

 Cindy McNeil has been a client for over 9 years.


I have been working out under the guidance of Carol White since August 2005.  Before I made the commitment to invest in routine exercise, I was one of those who thought I didn’t have time in my busy schedule.  I have learned a person can always find time for something they think important and really, what’s more important than your health?   I love my weekly workout sessions at Carol White’s Studio.  They are challenging, rewarding and Carol makes them fun!   Now that I have retired, I know it is especially important to keep this a part of my overall health routine.  My goal is to stay fit, active and healthy well into my senior years…after all, I have grandchildren to keep up with.


Bring a friend, spouse or significant other and workout together! Everyone can benefit from getting FIT with a partner. Motivation, socialization and commitment all increase the enjoyment and potential benefits of a exercise.


From Mary and Dr. Ray Burnett


 We love Carol White’s Studio!! As an older couple we appreciate the work Carol does with us on balance, strength, coordination and core. She takes back issues and joint problems into consideration, as well as our age, but expects us to work! We have an almost three year relationship and it’s been great!!


FIT for the Golden Years!

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