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Carol White’s Personal Fitness Studio is working to bring awareness in South Dakota about the dangers of Human Trafficking. Our state’s children have fallen victim to this horrific crime and the studio is bringing together concerned men and women to shed light on the issue. Human trafficking at its very core is a complete failure to value all human beings as the precious and unique creations they are. We are not commodities, we embody Strength, Value & Inner Beauty!!

Our goal in 2015 is to bring the Say Something Assemblies to Rapid City!

Gabriel Krekk shared this with us, and we would like to share it with you.

hillsboro yearbook1

In 2007/08 The”FOR FREEDOM” Project went to Hillsborough, New Hampshire.

I really wanted to share this page from the Hillsboro/Deering High School 2007/08 Yearbook. Working with the High School yearbook fundraising team, the “FOR FREEDOM” PROJECT helped the school in raising advertising dollars from the community with the primary purpose of ensuring that every student that could not afford to buy a yearbook would be given one…FREE. In recognition of the “FOR FREEDOM” PROJECT, one page of the yearbook was allotted for a personal message to the students of the school. 7 years later in reading through this page, I would not change a single word. This is the actual page 127 from the yearbook.

There are a couple of reasons I thought it was significant that I shared this posting, with the first being to announce that the “FOR FREEDOM” PROJECT will be going to South Dakota in 2015 to aid in the raising of funds for a HUMAN TRAFFICKING project there. The Visionary behind the project, Carol White of Rapid City, South Dakota and one of her team members, Kristina Barker will be flying in to my home in Arizona on January 22nd, 2015 to spend 3 days with me in a brainstorming session on the rollout of the “FOR FREEDOM” PROJECT in support of their Human Trafficking project. Carol White’s vision is to be able to raise enough money to bring the “Say Something” group into the high schools in and around Rapid City, South Dakota. This group’s presentation to the students will bring heightened awareness to this significant problem of Human Trafficking that affects millions of lives in North America and around the world. To be given the opportunity to view the “Say Something” presentation was an amazing experience through their hi-tech delivery of their message and by the positive impact of the responses by the students.

I am firmly committed to Carol White’s Vision and I am so honored to have the “FOR FREEDOM” PROJECT stand with Carol and her South Dakota team to help making the world a better place. Every living person has the God given right of living their lives for freedom.

The second reason for this post today, is that it is Carol White’s birthday. I could not think of a better way of saying Happy Birthday Carol then by publicly declaring that the “FOR FREEDOM” PROJECT stands behind your endeavor and wishing that this coming year will take your Vision to epic proportions.

FOR FREEDOM Project Brainstorming Wrap-up

After an inspiring weekend filled with outstanding ideas and courageous goals, we wrapped up our visit in Arizona with Gabriel Krekk on Sunday morning with one final brainstorming session before heading back to South Dakota to make our vision come to life. In the coming weeks we will be growing our project and we look forward to your continued support.


Carol is speaking on Michael Mercer’s radio talk show in Maine about her efforts to combat Human Trafficking. Like Carol, Michael Mercer has a passion for ending human trafficking.  Listen to Carol and Michael’s conversation about what is being done to end this horrific crime and help victims find the help they need to escape this slavery.

Project TLC – Interview March 1, 2015 – Click here to download. *Carol’s segment is about halfway through the interview


We will take a stand – we will abolish Human Trafficking in SD! This is our community, our people and they need to be protected!!

Working together in our community to end Human Trafficking!