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is specialized personal training for horse riders. It helps riders to achieve oneness with their horses and be FIT & healthy for riding as long as possible. Riding is a very demanding sport on the body, where nearly all major muscle groups are put under stress and need to maintain a certain position for some time.

FIT to ride sessions are beneficial for every level of rider. Each week our FIT workouts will be different. I will provide you with a variety of exercises to help you improve your riding skills while having fun!

Important aspects of the FIT to ride program:

Position Balance Training:

One of your jobs as a rider is to keep yourself from accidentally disrupting the horse’s natural gait while we are on their backs. Our posture should carry our body upright through our core for support in the saddle. You as a rider must constantly find this stability between balance and counterbalance.

Warm UP before you ride:

Even if the workout for the day is a warm-up before a ride, it’s still conditioning the body for long term success.  We warm the horse up in the first ten minutes but what about the ten minutes before the rider gets in the saddle.  A warmed-up rider will have sufficient endurance for a quality ride.

Benefits of FIT to ride program:

*Improve cardio fitness & endurance

*Increasing agility & stamina

*Merge your fitness & riding goals

* Incorporate posture conditioning

*Improve core strength & balance in the saddle

*Compliment & accelerate your riding progress

*Improve flexibility & reduce the risk of injury

*This is a 8 week one on one program or a group program with maximum of four participants ~ I look forward to inspire you to be… FIT to ride!

“I have been working out with Carol White for over a year, focusing on strength, flexibility, and balance. I have noticed an improvement in my riding ability, particularly in the use of my core… And Carol always makes working out FUN!”

Susan Meyer