FIT Fusion Studio


Experience our studio –  Get your FIT on!

We’re excited to announce FIT Fusion Studio, an extension of Carol White’s Fitness Studio ~ we now have more space for you to get your FIT on. We’ve added a punching bag, pull-up bar, TRX, an ample supply of medicine balls, jump ropes, free weights, yoga blocks, yoga mats, gliders, body bars and bands. Our vintage-inspired bright, contemporary space is stocked with all the fitness equipment you’ll need. 

Experience being able to do your work outside with privacy and in a fenced in area ~ where you can run the stairs and use any of the fitness equipment you need to give yourself a full body workout! 

You’ll enjoy the same easy access to downtown parking, making it simple to stop by on your way to work, on your lunch break, or even on your way home. 

Get Your FIT On! Keep connected, stay accountable!