Partners in Fitness

They say the couple who plays together, stays together. Working out with your spouse or partner can promote a healthier lifestyle overall. Couples spend most of their time apart due to careers and other responsibilities. One-on-one time is important to any relationship, so what are you waiting for? Workouts can be a new way to share time together and connect.

Before you embark on your new fitness regime together, take some time to consider these questions:

• Are you both willing to make this commitment? If both partners aren’t ready to commit to fitness, then workouts will soon become a sore spot in the relationship. You cannot drag someone into fitness; they have to go willingly. You both have to want it; otherwise, one person is bound to miss workouts, and the other person is bound to feel resentful.

• What are your individual goals? Each person must determine what his or her goals are and then design a mutual workout routine around them. A couple can do cardio and strength training together, even if their exercise goals differ. For instance, she may want to focus on toning her lower body while he wants to bulk up his upper body. In this case, they might start with cardio, then work on their trouble spots individually, and finally reunite for the rest of their strength training.

• How do you motivate one another? Are you a couple that offers praise and encouragement, or do you thrive on a spirit of healthy competition? To stay on track without nagging, you need to know what makes each other tick. Maybe encourage each other by setting goals and then competing to see who can reach their goal faster.

Remember that you may be in the gym together, but you still have different ways of working things out. Each person has their own way of learning things and different ways of processing information, and couples just have to be aware of that and set boundaries. Listening to your partner and keeping the lines of communication open are the keys to a successful workout partnership.

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